A group of 10 Missionaries, 6 Sisters and 4 Elders, gathered at the Mission Home for their final night in the Mission field.  They go home tomorrow different people then from when they came out.  They are well equipped to deal with the world and all of its issues.  These Missionaries will all be great leaders in their future endeavors.  They will be great leaders in the gospel.  They have learned what a great gift the gospel of Jesus Christ is, and they have learned how to apply it in their lives.  After completing some paperwork, they had a wonderful dinner and a sweet testimony meeting.  They were ready for bed shortly after, but not ready for sleep.  Thank you for sharing your sons and daughters; they were loved in all the areas they served, and they will not be forgotten.

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  1. Looks like fun! My son arrived today, and I know he will be a blessing to this mission. I'm definitely not bias or anything! :)