Today we were excited to receive our new Missionaries.  There are 2 Sisters and 3 Elders and they are eager to be involved in the work.  There was an early start for flights and so after visiting the Mission Office for preliminary paperwork and a quick lunch at the Mission Home, it was down for a much appreciated nap.  There was more paperwork at the Home which included a letter to family and to prepare a written testimony for them to reflect on.  After the nap, it was training videos and then dinner and then more training after dinner.  They were eager for an early bedtime and eager for tomorrow to finally meet their Trainers and to get to their first areas.  A great group of Elders and Sisters and we are grateful to have them in the Arizona Phoenix Mission.

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  1. Thank you for taking care of our Son. So excited for this journey he is embarking on! Missing him, Loving him, Praying for him, so very proud beyond words for him. Please hug him each time you see him and remind him it's from his Mother.

    1. Elder Brady will do great and he has a great Trainer. We will take good care of him.