MLC for November was later than usual, but things get busy and we adjust.  This time we have 3 new Zone Leaders and 3 new Sister Training Leaders to replace those who returned home last week or who will be returning in December.  All of them are good Missionaries and strong leaders.  Mission progress was discussed and their was a discussion on the Teaching Model.  After lunch, President Griffin reviewed some housekeeping guidelines and gave instruction on loving as the Savior did.  The Zone Leaders have good material to take back to their zones for follow up teaching.

After a good nights sleep, our 17 new Missionaries were up early and ready to get on with it.  At the Transfer Meeting, they met their Trainers, who are all really great Missionaries.  After the initial meeting, they were exposed to some of the other great Missionaries gathered to receive their own transfer orders.  They were able to feel of the Spirit of such a gathering of the Lord's servants.   Everyone was off after a short time with one another, eager to get to their new areas and get back to work.