Monday night was a gathering of 11 more missionaries preparing to return home and take up the next part of their lives.  There were 3 Elders and 8 Sisters and they traveled home to cold places like northern Canada, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Alaska, Virginia, and Pennsylvania to name a few.  We thank them for their 18-24 months of service and hope they enjoyed Arizona.  They spent the evening completing some things for Sister Griffin and then had a great steak tenderloin dinner.  Afterwards there was a testimony meeting.  It was evident that a lot of growth had taken place. Thank you Elders and Sisters; we love you and will miss you.

Johnson & Johnson 
Elder Clark came out with these Sisters

     Day 3 of the car conferences and the weather was even better; 78 degrees by conference end.  Inspections and installations went well.  The meeting followed the same as outlined for day 1 (Nov 17).
     After lunch, the musical number was a solo by Elder Clark, accompanied by Elder Race Peterson on violin.