Christmas Conference - Mesa Temple Trip for Flagstaff/Cottonwood, Prescott/Prescott Valley and north district of Phoenix North

The day started early by leaving on the bus from Prescott Valley at about 8:00am and then a quick stop in north Phoenix around 9:30am to pick up a district from Phoenix North to fill up the bus.  The drive to Mesafrom there was then another 45-60 minutes.  Upon arrival, the Missionaries were able to take part in an endowment session that morning.  The Mesa Temple is one of the older Temples of the Church so has some wonderful architecture from the 1920's; beautiful.  After the session and a group photo, they enjoyed a quick bag lunch and then were ready for the Visitors Center tour and learn about the tools available for them to use.  The Visitors Center was recently been reopened after a 7 week remodeling so it was new to all of them.  Also, as part of the Christmas tradition for the Visitors Center, there is a room devoted to Nativities from around the world.  After the tour, it was another short bus ride to a local buffet where the Missionaries could eat til they dropped.  Which they did.  After dinner, we returned to the Mesa Temple to enjoy the Temple lights; one of the few with a light display.


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