Zone Conference - Phoenix and Buckeye/Goodyear/Surprise West

The temperature was a little warmer today, low 80's while they were cleaning up their cars for inspection.  This  is day 4 of zone conference and it proceeded basically as the previous 3 days.  A little twist for the lunch table set up; it spells APM (Arizona Phoenix Mission).  Lunch was provided by sisters from the Phoenix Stake and it was wonderful, there were root beer floats for dessert.  The events continued with birthdays recognized in various languages and car inspection awards given.  They also had the chance to play "slammers and creepers".  A special treat, one of the sisters from the Phoenix Stake did a video of the Elders and Sisters singing and then wishing "Happy Mother's Day" to their moms.  It is posted on the Phoenix Missionary Moms Facebook page.

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