Zone Conference - Flagstaff/Cottonwood and Prescott/Prescott Valley

The altitude in Flagstaff is about 6000 feet so the weather is always subject to change.  And change it did today; there was a light sprinkling of snow with rain.  Because of this, the car inspections normally done were postponed and delegated to the District Leaders to do at a later District Meeting.  The morning was a review of what was taught at MLC last week and discussion or clarification of those items.  To demonstrate one of the principles discussed, a few of the missionaries were asked to construct a bridge using only duct tape, marshmallows, and bamboo sticks.  It needed to be able to hold the weight of an iPad.  Interesting design ideas came out of it.  Lunch was provided by one of the ward relief societies in the Flagstaff Stake and it was great.  To break up the lunch time, a game of "slammers and creepers" was played.  Prescott/Prescott Valley won.  After lunch there was a musical number by Elder Talbot.  Then Sister Griffin shared part of the teaching she and President Griffin received at a recent Mission President conference; "The Battle is the Lord's" (1 Samuel 17:47).  President Griffin concluded the meeting with a few comments.

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