Arrivals on Election Day

Today was a busy airport day!  After dropping off the 8 Missionaries returning home, there was a 3 hour wait for the start of the arrivals of the incoming Missionaries.  First to arrive were the 12 from Provo MTC, 6 Elders and 5 Sisters.  Next was a Sister coming in from Quebec, 2 Elders and 1 Sister from the Mexico City MTC, and 1 Elder from Colorado.  Later in the evening our final arrival coming in from France was a Sister.  They were all very tired, and with the late arrivals, very hungry.  But they were all very excited to be in the Arizona Phoenix Mission and ready to get to work.  A small group was able to drive by the Phoenix Temple, and then they all came together at the Mission home where they had lunch and did some preliminary paperwork.  Afterwards, there were training videos and instruction from our Vehicle Coordinator, Elder Johnson.  Dinner was afterwards, and then they settled down for additional dress/grooming instruction, a few more interviews and prepared to get to bed early.  We are grateful for their desire to serve the Lord and thankful to the families for sharing.

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