Departures - Group #1

Because of school deadlines, the departures for August were split into 2 groups.  Today, a group of 6 awesome Elders completed their missions and prepared to "return with honor".  They gathered for the final mission activity, departure interview and dinner, and tried to settle down for a good nights rest.  Despite computer issues with Delta Airlines and many flight cancellations across the country,  our Elders were able to leave on time for the return flights home.  Thank you Elders for your service.  You have changed and you have affected change in your companions, areas, and converts.  We will miss you.

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1 comment:

  1. I am sorry Elder Jones won't get to say good-bye to Elder Sultan his MTC companion. I know he got to say bye to Elder Flynn at their last multi zone meeting. I can hardly believe they are finally coming home.