French Teaching Sisters Transferred into Phoenix Mission

As of July 1, the Arizona Phoenix Mission has 5 French speaking/teaching Sisters.  They previously were serving in the Scottsdale Mission.  With the influx of immigrants, the need for these Sisters skills are in demand in various parts of the Phoenix Valley.  They have had great success in teaching the gospel and new converts are reached each week.  On July 1, they were invited to the Mission Home for some introduction to the Phoenix Mission and for dinner.  They were accompanied by 4 other French speaking Sisters from the Scottsdale Mission.  We are pleased to welcome these sweet Sisters into the Mission and look forward to getting to know them better.

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  1. There's my beautiful daughter: Sister Handa with all this wonderful missionaries. God bless, protect and inspire while they are working in the Lord's errands; and His Spirit lead them to people who are in spiritual needs.