Zone Conference - Deer Valley/Glendale North, Phoenix North, Glendale, Peoria/Peoria North Zones

The first of three zone conferences and the largest with 80 missionaries.  The Assistants, Elders Byington and Gardner, led a discussion on having a "tenacity to baptize" incorporating President Robbins instruction.  Also, a presentation on a new measurement tool was given by Elders Leavitt and Peterson.  An authentic Mexican meal was lunch and was provided by the Solano Ward of the Glendale Stake. The birthdays for the past several months were recognized with singing "Happy Birthday" in various languages represented.  After Lunch the zones met individually to plan/share and then the meeting concluded with remarks from President Griffin.


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  1. Is there any way to get some of these photos emailed so that I can add them to Elder Brady's mission memories? I would be happy to send you my email but you most likely have it somewhere. :)

  2. I believe you can click and drag the photos you want. If that doesn't work let me know.

    1. It does work the photos are just really small when I save them that way. It's okay. Thanks.