Transfers - Last of the Year 2015

About half the Mission was there for Transfers - lots of shuffling to make up for the loss of our 11 on Monday and the arrival of the 16 on Tuesday.  Again thank you's to the members who take time to transport the Missionaries and their belongings from great distances.  It is very much appreciated; we couldn't do it without you.  The day started out a little chilly, in the 40's, but by the end of the meeting, it was in the high 60's.  The new Missionaries were introduced to their companions and got to know some of the other Missionaries from around the Mission.  All in all, a good Transfer.  With Christmas fast approaching, the Mission is looking forward to the Christmas Conferences (December 16, 17, and 18).  There will be a bus trip to the Mesa Temple Visitor Center, a Temple session, dinner, and back to the Mesa Temple for the Christmas lights.

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