Car Conference - Flagstaff/Cottonwood and Prescott/Prescott Valley

     Prescott was cold and windy.  The first of 3 car conferences where 'Tiwi" devices were installed in all the mission cars for those zones......Brother Terrell Edwards, Manager of Safety and Health, Vehicle Safety for the Mission Department of the Church was on hand to explain the purpose, answer questions, and oversee the installation of the devices.  The church has researched the devices and there effectiveness when used with the Missionaries.  There is an audible warning given under 3 seat belt fastened, speed, and aggressive driving (sharp turns, quick starts/stops).  Reports are produced for Salt Lake and the Mission President.  The Missionaries were excited and on-board to the use of the devices.  There was also a discussion on the use of Social Media/Facebook in accomplishing missionary work within a ward.  All three days it was led by Elders Jensen and Hedrick.
     After lunch, Sister Bingham preformed on the piano, followed by the Assistants covering some Mission guidelines.  After, President Griffin gave instruction to introduce a program from the Quorum of the Twelve, "Come unto Christ", recently shared with Stake Presidents.

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